Saturday, June 23, 2007

I made it to the ship

I arrived at PDX only to find that my paid flight was not paid for, so I had to purchase my own airfare to get down here to San Diego. After I arrived at the airport here I had a cab driver take me to the ship. He didn't know the way so a $20 cab ride turned to $50 real fast. We negotiated the fair down to $30.

As soon as I got aboard the ship it was time for my watch. Unfortunately I got the 12 to 4 watch. Overtime work will not be easy on thisCheck Spelling shift, but what the heck...

It is official, the ship is heading for Japan within the next couple hours. Got to go get those Toyota's!!! :)

I will post more as I can.


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goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......